David Luna Fine Art

David J. Luna  or "Jesse" as most know  him by, was born in Oakland, California in 1979. He was undoubtedly creative from a very young age. As a child he intently loved to draw, paint, and sculpt with just about any materials he could get his hands on.

As a teenager David began developing his  illustrative abilities by experimenting with calligraphy, graffiti art, tattoo art, and flyer art. By the year 2000, he had found an obsessive joy in abstract watercolor and canvas painting, and had begun creating paintings in a dedicated studio. During this time he created his pieces primarily from donated and found materials. He produced several hundred paintings on wood, cardboard, metal, canvas, glass, and mirrors, most of which were given away as gifts.

In 2004 upon the direction of friends and family David presented some of his paintings to the staff at the California College of the Arts for professional feedback. They urged him to submit an application, which he did. Shortly afterward he was given a generous scholarship and began his painting studies full-time. By 2007 he was offered a smaller scholarship for the upcoming Junior year, making it unaffordable, so he decided to leave. David went right back to doing what he loves, and has continued to create paintings and drawings until the present.

Today David lives in Petaluma, California with his wife where he is excited to become a part of the local art community. He is currently focusing on a new body of work and for the first time making his paintings available for purchase by the public.

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